Low Cost Milan Linate Airport Parking

In total, Milan Airports offer passengers ca 14,000 parking spaces in 9 parking facilities. All of them are easily accessible from the terminals. Some have direct access even to the lifts that take passengers to the check-in areas in Departures.

Short-Term Parking at Milan Airport

The 10 Minute Area

A well-thought-out traffic system allows motorists who either drop off or collect passengers from the Terminals to stop for up to 10 minutes in the areas immediately facing Terminal 1 Arrivals and Departures area.

Called “Area 10 Minuti”, this special parking zone is electronically supervised, detecting the time motorists spend in the zone when they enter and exit the airport. This means that motorists really only get the allotted 10 minutes to do what they came to do and no more. If they do not move on after the 10 minutes, they must leave their vehicle in one of the parking facilities, where parking is charged.

Long and Short-term Parking at Milan Airport's Terminal 1

Milan Airport's Terminal 1 offers motorists 6 car parking areas which are dedicated to short stays. There are 4 such car parks at the Arrivals and 2 at the Departures areas.

Simply drive along the access road facing the Departures level. To the right is the entrance to the airport's first short-stay car park, P9. The other short-stay car park for Departures is P10, a short distance further down the same access road.

Passengers headed to Arrivals should drive along the access road until they get to the Arrivals level. To the right is the entrance to the short-stay car park P7 and a short distance after that, this time on the left-hand-side, is the entrance to the second short-stay car park: South Arrivals (“Arrivi Sud”).

Should that be full, simply carry on driving in the same direction. About half-way down the airport compound, you will find the entrance of the P8 short-term parking facility to your right. On the left is the North Arrivals car park (“Arrivi Nord”).

Milan Airport Terminal 2 Parking

For Terminal 2 there are 2 dedicated parking areas for short-term parking at Milan Airport. One is for Arrivals, the other for Departures. Both offer parking spaces for no more than 1 hour stays, and the duration you leave your vehicle is monitored.

Parking Fees for Terminal 1 and 2

At Terminal 1 parking is mostly paid for at automated parking machines but can also be paid at manned booths, which take cash. At automated meters you can pay by credit and debit card.

Short-term stays of up to one hour cost 3.00 euros at Terminal 1. In the parking facilities where slightly longer parking is allowed, every extra half hour costs 2.00 euros, up to the fifth hour of parking. Parking your vehicle for a full 24-hour period at Terminal 1's short-term parking facilities costs 29.00 euros. This rate will be applied automatically, once your parking duration surpasses the 5 hours mentioned. 
At Terminal 2 parking can only be paid for using the metered machines, where the tarif is 3.60 euros per hour, up to the third hour, after which the full day rate applies.

Long-Term Parking at Milan Airport

For long-term parking motorists can pay with cash, credit card or Telepass, either at the provided machines or at the manned booths.

P1 car park has more than 1,200 covered spaces at Terminal 1, which offer low-cost parking, provided you stay for 7 days or more.

At P2 motorists can enjoy Executive Parking for ca 35.00 euros a day in 2,700 covered parking lots that are directly linked to the check-in area via a lift (Terminal 1) and via a free shuttle to Terminal 2. P2 also offers owners of luxury cars 130 large slots for ca 38.00 euros a day in the “Top Car” parking area. In the “Genius” area there are another 500 slots (on Level 4), which are dedicated to long-term parking.

At P3 Express Parking at Terminal 1 motorists are offered 1,600 parking slots in an uncovered parking facilitiy. A free shuttle takes motorists to Terminal 1. The car park is only 3 minutes walking distance to Terminal 1. Parking here for a 24-hour period costs 25.00 euros.

Holiday Parking is handled at P4, where the longer the stay, the cheaper the fees are. The facility offers 1,200 uncovered parking spaces and has a direct link to Terminal 1. Here 7 days start from 74.00 euros.

P5 “Easy Parking “: Terminal 2 has an inside car park with 24-hour links to Terminal 1. A free shuttle, which runs every 7 minutes, takes motorists to Terminal 1. Getting into the check-in areas of Terminal 2 takes only 2 minutes' walking time. The P5 facility has more than 3,000 parking spaces available.

At P6 motorists can expect to find 3,700 car parking spaces, all uncovered, that are directly accessible from SS336, the road leading to Milan Airport. A shuttle running twice an hour to both terminals takes motorists from this low-cost, long-term car parking area to their check-in areas. Parking in P6 costs from 18.00 euros a day. The shuttle takes ca 10 minutes to arrive at either Terminal 1 or 2. Minimum duration of parking required at P6 is three days. The shuttle is available 24/7.

Impaired Mobility Passenger Parking 

Passengers with impaired mobility can park in the “10 Minute Area” for up to 4 hours, provided they can show their disability cards as proof. You will need to complete a form and display it, with the usual required credentials, your number plate and window sticker number filled in, in your windscreen.  If you require more information about parking as an impaired mobility driver in the 10 Minute Area, please contact the Milan Airport authority by email at accessibilita@seamilano.eu. 

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