Low Cost Milan Malpensa Airport Parking

Long and short-term parking at Milan Malpensa Airport is handled by SEA ViaMilano Parking services. There are 6 different parking lots, which are very close to the terminals, so there is no need to board a shuttle bus from the parking facility to the terminals or vice versa.

The parking lots P1, P2, P3, P4, P5 and P6 are monitored by CCTV and there are members of staff on duty 24 hours a day to ensure no vehicle comes to harm. In total, motorists have the choice of some 9,000 parking spaces in five different types of facilities. There is never any shortage of Milan Malpensa Airport parking spaces.

Parking at both terminals must be booked in advance by going online to the official airport portal at http://www/milanomalpensa1.eu/en/accessibility-and-parking/parking.

P1 is for long-term Milan Malpensa Airport parking and offers motorists some 1,100 parking spaces. This parking lot is ideal for those requiring parking for more than 7 days. For parking durations of one hour and up to 5 hours the fee is EUR 5.00 per hour or fraction thereof. After the sixth hour and up to 7 days the maximum rate is EUR 45.00.

P2 offers 3,300 parking spaces for Executive Parking, ideal for busy business travellers with little time to spare prior to their flights. The parking structure includes lifts that link the parking lot with the Check-in area. There are even 130 spaces designated for luxury cars, which can enjoy around the clock maximum security. Here parking also costs EUR 5.00 per hour for the first 5 hours, after which the maximum day rate for a 24 hour parking period is charged at EUR 29.00.

P3 is for short-term parking at Milan Malpensa Airport and is best suited for those arriving to pick up or drop off passengers. The parking lot is located right by Terminal 1 and offers motorists 1,300 spaces for express parking. The fees are EUR 5.00 per hour or fraction thereof for the first 5 hours, after which the day rate sets in at EUR 26.00 for day one. On day 2 parking fees for up to 6 hours will be charged at EUR 22.00 and EUR 26.00 for a further 24 hour period. From day three onwards the parking fee reduces to just EUR 12.00 for a 24 hour parking duration.

P4 is reserved for holiday parking and here tourists can enjoy cheap and easy parking facilities. There are a total of 1,200 such spaces, and the parking lot enjoys a direct connection to the terminal via a covered walkway. Most tour operators also prefer this inexpensive Milan Malpensa Airport parking option. Parking for up to 7 days costs EUR 65.00.

P5 has been dubbed the “Easy” parking facility and offers inexpensive parking close to Terminal 2. There are 3,000 parking spaces available, where passengers booked on budget airline flights can enjoy a further 10% discount on their parking fees.

P6 is for motorists looking for the greatest saving. Located just 350 metres walking distance from Terminal 2, parking lot P6 offers tired travellers a free shuttle bus from the parking facility to the terminal building. These shuttles run at 7 minute intervals throughout the day, calling at Terminal 1 on the way, where passengers can board their EasyJet or other budget airline flights home.

Long and short-term parking at Milan Malpensa Airport is ideal for Italy visitors wishing to explore the wonderful Lombardy region as well as popping across the border into neighbouring Switzerland for a few days.

Since the airport is a hub for low-cost airlines like EasyJet, there are always plenty of opportunities to discover other Italian cities with a short break in Rome, Venice or Verona. There are at least 9 car rental providers stationed at the airport who can supply a large choice of affordable vehicles for an enjoyable and flexible journey through the Lombardy and Northern Italy.

For more information about long and short-term parking at Milan Malpensa Airport, please visit the official airport portal at http://www/milanomalpensa1.eu/en/accessibility-and-parking/parking, where parking spaces can be booked in advance.

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